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Problem: Users need to visit numerous websites to compile available music events around them that are soon to take place.

Last app design iteration:

Humble beginnings from 2015 LAUNCH hackathon:

2 years later…I picked up the project once more:

This time with a new outlook. First iteration listed musical events as well as streamed sample music by events' performing artists. I removed the exploratory streaming aspect of the app, and instead focused on event listing & helping the user get to an event.


  • Broke up events by this week vs next week. This was to eliminate the need for a date selector, while addressing the app’s main use case: “What’s going on this weekend?”

Listing V1

Issues with V1:

  • When does a week really end & begin?
  • What if the user wants to see on-going events that started last week?

V2 changes:

  • I revised my initial approach to allow for individual date selection.
Listing V2

Issues with V2:

  • Current month isn’t shown.
  • Today’s date isn’t shown.
  • The | >| icon is hard to tap.

V3 changes:

  • Indicator for today’s date added.
  • Short hand month added.
  • Scrolling for dates added.
Listing V3

Issues with V3:

  • What’s the toolbar for again?
  • If someone is at an event & wants to share location, do they really want their phone bright white?

V4 changes:

  • Removed toolbar.
  • Gave more room for date selection.
  • Gave more room for month label.
Listing V4

Issues with V4:

  • Sure the dates scroll, but they still require tapping. It would be nice to able to scroll through dates by tapping down while moving horizontally through dates.
  • In scrolling through events for a particular day and reaching the end, could in turn start listing the following date’s events, and while doing so, simultaneously moving the current selected date indicator accordingly.
  • The genres aren’t clear subtitles. Could use a smaller font with an accenting background color.

Now for the event page’s iterations:

While the project only beta'd amongst select users, I enjoyed the UX lessons learned from each iteration's feedback loop.